Divine Qi Psychic Tarot Williamsport PA

1 Hour Intuitive Tarot Class $20.00

Have you had a tarot reading where they just seemed to know things about your situation? Are you curious on how a total stranger can know these details?

Join Chris of Divine Qi for an intro to reading the tarot intuitively. No previous knowledge of the tarot is needed. Cost is just $20.00. A variety of Tarot decks will be provided for use during class, but bring a favorite deck if you would like. Wednesdays at Noon and 1pm

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Psychic Tarot readings daily at  Divine QI , 570-258-5455 to setup your personally reading.

 Abundance Crystal Grid Kit $20.00
Original Design Reiki Master Charged

Everything you need to set up a crystal grid to manifest abundance.All items cleared and charged with Reiki Master Energy. Includes originally designed Grid by Writers Qi LLC, Generator Crystal, Charging Crystal, Amplifying Crystals, Guidance Booklet to walk you through using your grid. Mailed to you via USPS, or pick up at 1307 Park Ave, Studio 7-246

Online and In person Tarot/Rune Readings

Each reading is unique and draws on the energies at the time of the reading. All decks are cleared with Master Reiki energy and shuffled with intent before each reading. All readings are original works of Divine Qi.   Chris of Divine Qi offers Tarot readings and is a Reiki Master. Tarot is used for guidance and sometimes will provide insight into past and future choices.   All decks are cleared with Reiki Master energy and shuffled with intent before each reading. Time is fluid and people have free will nothing is set in stone. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest   Unique, intuitive psychic #Tarot and Oracle readings. Delivered in person or electronically, all decks cleared and shielded by Reiki Master energy. Text or call 570-358-5455 or email WritersQi@Gmail.com