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Reiki Certification Classes. Intuitive interpretation of the art of tarot, oracle, runes. Workshops on Tarot, Oracle cards, Runes, crystal grids, Creative energy work

Readings are solely for entertainment purposes only. NO REFUNDS

Private sessions starting at $80.00 per Session

Available Online via Zoom, Email, FB Messenger, and in person following CDC Covid Guidlines

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Contact me for group and event rates at call/text 570-258-5455 or NO REFUNDS

Workshops and Classes


  • Intuitive interpretation of the art of tarot, oracle, runes. for individuals or groups
  • Urban’s Edge Essential Oil sprays and roll-ons
  • Crystal Grids and supplies, Reiki Charged
  • Classes and Workshops

2021 upcoming dates!

Reiki Certification – Level I, Level II, ART, Master, Teacher

Investment $298.00 per class

Upcoming dates :

All Levels

Upcoming 2021 dates, All Classes 10:00am – 3:00pm

Must show Certificate of completion of previous levels from any System

April, 24 2021 10am-3pm Reiki Level II

  • Level I – Introduction to Reiki – 10am-3pm
  • Level II – Basic Reiki – 10am-3pm
  • Level III – ART – 10am-3pm
  • Level IV Master – 10am-3pm
  • Level V Teacher – 10am-3pm

at Divine Qi 321 Pine Street Studio 219

I feel that all Levels of Reiki are best taught as separate classes to allow the student to become comfortable with the new energy flow of the Reiki attunement/placement.

The focus is on opening the energy channels allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy (Ki/Qi), which flows from Source/God/Spirit. enhances this flow of energy with attunement to the symbols of Reiki.

Investment: $ 298.00/ per Class, All Levels

You need proof of prior Reiki Levels to take higher level classes
You will receive
Official Reiki Certificates.

Details can be found here
Classes are 10am-3pm Weekdays and some Weekends

in Person at Divine Qi 321 Pine Street Studio 219

Investment is $298.00 USD per Class Level Must be paid 1 week before scheduled Class to ensure enough materials are available. Limited Seating following all CDC Covid Guidelines Masks must be worn during class gathering(there will be frequent breaks to go outside and walk around)

All payments are through the SECURE GATEWAY PAYPAL including Credit Card Payments. The link below will take you to Paypal where you can enter your paypal information or use an bank Credit/Debit Card through the paypal system

Per Class Level
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at In Person at Divine Qi 321 Pine Street Studio 219

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Unlock Your Intuition


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Are you ready to Unlock your Intuition, Open the door to tap into Source Energy, Deepen your knowledge and learn how to integrate Reiki, Tarot and other modalities?

Then this is the Divine Qi (key) you have been looking for!

Your Divine Qi Awaits to Unlock Your Intuition

For several months I’ve been getting private messages from people who have reached out with questions like “Is there a way to go deeper with my Reiki knowledge”, or “Are there any resources that will help to unlock my intuition?” or “Can you use Tarot, Reiki and other modalities together?”

Find all the details here for the New Exciting Member Offer

Now on YouTube Subscribe to my channel to see Weekly Tarot for each Sign.

Learn Tarot in One Class

Learn Tarot in one Class Did you get a new Tarot or Oracle/Angel deck recently?

Just got your first deck but are unsure how to begin tapping into the answers it can provide?

Worked with the Tarot or Oracle/Angel cards for a while but never really felt a connection to them?

This class is for you! Learn the framework that can tap into the magic of reading cards using your own deck. Learn the nuances that appear using different decks.

New Classes For March 2021 coming soon!

For beginners or advanced tarot readers tap into the answers you seek using tarot.
$40.00 via Credit Card or Paypal

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Crystal Grid Kits For Purchase

Everything you need to set up a crystal grid as a physical reminder of what you are seeking to achieve. All items cleared and charged with Reiki Master Energy. Includes originally designed Grid by Writers Qi LLC, Generator Crystal, Charging Crystal, Amplifying Crystals, Guidance Booklet to walk you through using your grid. Mailed to you via USPS, or pick up at 321 Pine Street Studio 219. NO REFUNDS

Online and In person Intuitive Interpretations of Tarot/Rune

Each interpretation is unique and draws on the energies at the time of the reading. All decks are cleared with Master Reiki energy and shuffled with intent before each session. All interpretations are original works of Divine Qi.   Chris of Divine Qi offers Tarot interpretations and is a Reiki Master. Time is fluid and people have free will nothing is set in stone. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest   Unique, intuitive psychic #Tarot and Oracle interpretations. Delivered in person or electronically, all decks cleared and shielded by Reiki Master energy. Text or call 570-358-5455 or email   NO REFUNDS

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