Ten of Swords

Completion and a new dawn is rising. The message of this card is about reaching the end of a cycle. The Three Fates fly off in the distance; there is a peaceful calm now. The swords are not descending into you but being lifted with the golden light of God/Source/Spirit. A Stag the symbol of quiet strength comes to you.

Eight of Cups

Recognize that your own uniqueness is valuable. Too often we put work into things that we see others doing. The energy today asks you to wade through the emotions and see that you have the tools and the ability to stand strong on your own.


Temperance, I call the Alchemy card, asks that you be aware of how things combine to create something greater than each of the parts. It is chemistry, biology, and spirituality, mind, body, spirit, not in equal parts, but each having its own unique contribution to the whole.