The World

The World, the final card in the major arcana, perfect for the final day of the year, now is a time for conclusions, the end of a cycle, but also signals the beginning of a new cycle. Completion, fulfillment, a time to see the results of your hard work, let go of old habits, beliefs […]

Seven of Wands

Wands energy continues into today. You are still fired up over something and you may be feeling some push back from those around you. The message here is that you have skillfully maneuvered over the rough terrain and those who haven’t been able to keep up are getting frustrated. Realize that it is not an […]

Ace of Wands

As we wrap up December, the energy is already looking to be a strong start to the New Year. The Ace of wands asks you to step into your power and really feel the energy move through you. Mars, the ruler of fire energy will move into Aries, the cardinal fire sign, at the end […]

Six of Pentacles

There is abundance in today’s energy. Acknowledge that things are going well, and you have enough to share. Give thanks for the prosperity that flows in your life, and share understanding that as you do your prosperity will grow healthier and stronger for future harvests. © Writers Qi LLC 2018 If you like these daily […]

Five of Wands

And there it is, that feeling. Today we wonder if it is all worth the effort. Maybe you have poured your heart and soul into something, something you really believed in, and now you barely have the energy to lift your hand. Fives are the tipping point, the point where you look around you and […]

Queen of Wands

  Who is she, this woman who brings the passion to your life? She is a creator, that brings all things together in one place. Is it you? Don’t be fooled by a calm exterior, there is a fiery energy simmering below the surface. Listen and you will understand how to bring the creative force […]

Three of Pentacles

Beautiful light and joyous energy today. Hear the song of you heart, and follow it to what will truly bring abundance to your life. Take it one step at a time and don’t worry about the distant future, the time is now and now is the time to enjoy what you are currently in the […]

Queen of Pentacles

Ah, someone is looking at finances. Do you feel you might have been out of control recently? The Queen of Pentacles energy brings you back to earth, and lets you know exactly what needs to be done to bring finances back into alignment. You may not like the path, or you may be bored with […]

The Lovers

Look to the future. You have support to carry you forward. If you are the one doing the carrying, know that you are capable of bearing the load. Beauty surrounds you today, go with the flow and choose what makes your heart sing. © Writers Qi LLC 2018 If you like these daily readings and […]

The Magician

You have all the tools you need. Lay them out on the table and look them over; yes, you do know how to use them. Add your own unique energy and see what you can manifest today. Have enough confidence to move from ‘learning mode’ to ‘doing mode’ you might be surprised at what you […]