Mannaz – Man, the self Today is a good day to look inside to understand your beliefs and attitudes. This is a Rune of the people, interaction, society and awareness. You may receive assistance, aid or the cooperation of those around you in achieving a goal now. © Writers Qi LLC 2018 If you like […]


Ansuz – Odin, antennae Ansuz brings insight and a message from a higher power. It speaks of good health, harmony and truth. Enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of the day. Reach for what you want today while you have the power and blessings of a higher power on your side. © Writers Qi LLC 2018 […]


Ehwaz – Movement, horse, steady progress Yay, for change and the movement of energy today. You could be on a physical journey soon. When cast with other Runes Ehwaz’s presence confirms the message around it. Since it is a single rune today, I feel it is telling you that the previous Runes of opened up […]


Hagalaz, Hail For those of you familiar with Tarot, Hagalaz feels like Tower energy. It comes in quick and tears things down to the base. This allows you to build again with a firm foundation. It asks that you weather the storm for the changes that are occurring are out of your control. Today let […]


Difficult energy arrives today with the appearance of Nauthiz. There is a feeling of neediness, distress, and confusion. It is suggested that any decisions be delayed when this Rune comes up. Nauthiz asks that you ignite your own fire, bringing determination and the internal will to overcome any difficulty. Time to face your fate and […]


This week we are looking at Runes, the cool blue of the lapis reminds me of the winter. Do you see the saloon doors within the Rune of Dagaz? It asks you to breakthrough the perceived wall in front of you. Be brave enough to step over the threshold into what the future holds. There […]


A horse of a different color, Zebra energy, opens your eyes to the possibilities around you. Stay young and curious even as you refine who and what you are. Join with others to make a difference in the world through art, and environmental projects. Be aware of over sensitivity, creating a sense of panic and […]

Black Egg

The fifth chakra, throat chakra, is strong in today’s energy. It draws you toward books, words, speaking, reading, singing, public speaking. It calls for the truth and gives you the source of your authentic self. If you feel unsure, afraid to speak, or repeat lies you hear the suggestion is you pause and tap into […]