Nine of Spirals

What an appropriate card for today with a temp of -20 real feel in my area. See the power in what is happening. Blow out the negative energy you have been carrying around. See it billow around you as spirit sweeps it away. You have time, if you change course you haven’t wasted time, but […]

Ten of Spirals

You feel the burden of today’s energy weighing heavily upon your back. Remember that you are stronger than you think. Ten’s indicate the ending of one cycle and the clearing out to make way for the new energy of the Aces. You are at a crossroad; will you drop your burden here, or carry forth […]

Justice, That side

Interesting twist, we started the week with Justice This side, and end it with Justice, That side. Ammit, the Egyptian demon, watches from the back of the throne of Justice for those deemed unworthy. It feels much like the Devil to me. What has happened to Justice that the sword of truth is overgrown with […]