Ace of Wands, That Side

Energy comes in with a blast today, lighting your passion. Take action with a new idea, project or process today. Wands energy burns out fast. Take advantage of this surge before the flames you light overtake your surroundings. Tap into your strengths, fortify what supports your passion in small ways and know this energy will […]


Seek the balance today. Justice arrives with complete fairness, her only tools being the sword of truth and the scales of balance. The advice is to remove your subjective view, from the current situation and use your intuition and the laws of the universe to find the perfect balance. Trust that you will be guided […]

The Hermit

We all carry our own light within. The Hermit calls for you to be a guide for others. Tap into your own unique inner knowing then allow that light to shine forth. Trust that you can bring the light needed to any shadows that appear. Seeing the rocky terrain is needed so that you may […]

Eight of Wands

The first thing that struck me was the beautiful feeling of freedom this image. Allow yourself to feel the light and power of being free in spirit. Allow your passions to lift you to a different perspective. Soar above the ties that bind you, be willing to be light even as it takes to you […]

Knave of Wands

You are in a learning phase right now, a new beginning of some type. Your passion has been ignited as you progress further into your studies of what makes you tick. The true power comes when you reveal your true self and fully trust in your abilities. Be aware of using your passion as a […]

The Sun

The Sun brings warmth and life to the world, but, sometimes the Sun’s rays are too harsh, revealing each detail and flaw. If you are in a fragile state ease yourself into the brightness. Find the light within and illuminate the dark around you, then bring your light out and join it with the light […]

King of Chalices

King energy(male or female) can be overbearing, they are used to being in charge and obeyed without question. They are confident in their decision making. Chalice energy says you are being lead by your emotions today. You are willing to offer a piece of yourself to accomplish what you know in your heart is the […]

Six of Wands

I’ve chosen The Ghost Tarot for this week, the cool blue shade feels right for mid January. Now is a time where you tap into your fiery passion. This energy has carried you forward. Don’t be afraid to show your true nature, for now others are aware of what drives you. Step into your natural […]