King of Cups

This emotional week continues as the King makes an appearance. As you move from the energy of emotional support through your tribe of yesterday, you come into your power today. You learned some tough lessons but now you can relax. Allow yourself some down time. You have control now, you understand the depth of emotions […]

Nine of Swords

What’s on your mind? Whatever it is, it’s keeping you up nights, thinking, thinking, thinking. Your thoughts are keeping the wisdom that you have from being heard. You have almost made it to the end of this cycle, keep pushing toward the truth you know is there. It can feel as if everything is all […]

Ten of Cups

Lovely energy of home and hearth today. Spend time with family doing simple things. Know that the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow is people and time spent together. Notice how your cup increases to hold all the joy that comes your way today. © Writers Qi LLC 2019 If you like […]

The Chariot

Today requires focus to move forward. Have you been dividing your energy between two things? You have made progress but it has been slow and difficult. The Chariot says you can make significant progress if you bring your energy together on one thing. Rein in your wandering energies and flow it into the one thing […]