Four of Swords

Now is a time of rest and rejuvenation. There is an sense that even as you rest you must be aware of the possibilities around you. Do not fear allowing your mind to disconnect and wander to other realms. Today is a good day to meditate, do yoga, use your mala/rosary beads, whichever tool calls […]

Seven of Pentacles

Time to check the progress of your hard work. Are things progressing well, or do you need to adjust your approach. The Seven of Pentacles reminds you to be patient while you work toward your goals. Give your hard work time to produce the best possible outcome, don’t harvest your crop too soon. © 2019 If […]

Five of Cups

The moment feels fleeting to you. Have you lost the opportunity to make a difference? There is a sense of regret for things undone. Know that all is not lost, there is time. The exact thing and moment have passed but you will get another chance in another way to accomplish the same thing. Trust […]

Ten of Chalices

The ten of chalices is the energy of home and family. Those wishes you looked for in the nine of chalices are coming into your life now. Fill your chalice with the emotional support of those who love you. © 2019 If you like these daily readings and would like to support Divine Qi or book […]

The Lovers

Of course The Lovers would show up for today’s card, I swear I pull them randomly, love Spirit’s sense of humor. The Lovers is a message of partnership. Sometimes you are the one being carried and sometimes you are the one who is doing the carrying. Remember that you don’t have to do things alone. […]

The Fool

The energy coming through today speaks about feeling the weight of knowing and yet still not sure of your way. This knowing which comes from beyond the physical realm feels important but is does not clearly define your next step. Ignore the distractions that plague you. Stand up tall and confident as you take that […]

The Emperor

Step into your power today. The Emperor wields the sword of truth, leads with logic powered by passion and yet understands his people. There seems to be a question of if you are capable of the job. The message is to trust in your own internal guidance. Stay grounded as you exert your power. © 2019 […]

The Hierophant

Today’s energy asks that you take the idea of joining together a step further. Gather under the umbrella of an established organization. There is something here you need to understand as you learn to interact within the rules. Hey, I’m all for coloring outside the lines, but for today at least, fit into the guidelines […]

The Stars

Think big! Reach for the stars. The Universe is saying today is a good day to believe in the power of intention. The added energy from this deck is that you don’t always have to do it alone. Join in with others and you may find that you have the same dreams. Today join forces […]