Ace of Wands

Beautiful energy today for following your passion and beginning something new. It might be a relationship, but is more likely related to your purpose in life. You sense the potential in everything around you. Grasp the chance to bring it all together with your skill and knowledge. Like ripples in a pond, your influence will […]

Four of Pentacles

Wealth is an interesting thing. When the miser card appears, we often feel a need to hold tightly to what we already have. We grip so tightly though that there is no room for us to receive more. A different energy comes with this deck. Look closely and you can see that your wealth can […]

The Hanged Man

When you hear the card is ‘the hanged man’ there might be a moment of anxiety, but as you see no one is being harmed. This card appears when you need to take a break. You are being forced to pause and look at things from a different perspective. This isn’t about getting facts, or […]

Ace of Swords

This week as we move into May I am debuting my new Crystal Tarot Deck by Elisabetta Trevisan. We feel the power of the Ace of Swords in this card. It is domination and victory through sharp thinking. Allow yourself to pinpoint the truth you are seeking by cutting through the murkiness. Dive deep mentally […]

Knave of Swords

Today’s energy is much like a sulky teenager, stomping through the house and slamming doors. You are all up in your head, thinking you know everything and yet nothing seems to be working out the way you expect. You are like the Knave, you’ve been in training and learned just enough to feel confident but […]

The World

Things are coming to a conclusion. The World, the final card of the major arcana, calls for the wrapping up this cycle. Time to begin anew, on a new path, with the carefree energy and trust of The Fool. Reset everything, emerge naked and pure in your intention. © 2019 If you like these daily readings […]

Four of Pentacles

The miser’s card brings us scarcity energy today. Do you feel as if you have no potential for gain in the future? This is the four of pentacles. The thing you need to realize is the tighter you grip what you currently have the less chance there is of something new coming in. Do you […]


Temperance energy speaks to the ability to combine things in a way that makes them stronger. Sometimes the items seem as if they will never be cohesive, but with skill, perseverance and the magic that Temperance brings, amazing things can happen. You are the key component to your mixture. You bring the magic. Start from […]

High Priestess

Today’s energy is a sense of knowing. You know what is right, you know the answer to the question you have been asking, quiet your mind and allow the knowledge to come to the surface. Rejoice today; connect with the earth and with the heavens above. There is new life emerging. © 2019 If you like […]