Knight of Swords

Things will be moving quickly today. You will have to think on the fly and trust that your skills and knowledge will serve you well. There is a level of detachment as you go about your business today. You don’t really want to join in the fray, but would rather contemplate the how and why […]

The Hermit

I love that we got the same card as yesterday but with a different deck. It emphasizes the core message but allows us to see how the same energy can shift and change. Again, our garment slips from our shoulders calling us to reveal our truth. Within our solitude we can humble ourselves to a […]

The Hermit

The Hermit here is not truly alone as she has three Peregrine Falcons keeping her company. It appears she has sought solitude to reveal her true self as her garment slips from her shoulder. The three falcons represent mind, body and spirit; one in the process of grooming it’s feathers, the next peering out at […]

Ace of Swords

Today’s energy asks that you seek the truth, like a Gull soaring high and slicing through the air like a sword. You know what victory feels like and understand that you have a chance to begin something new. The plan is in your head; you’ve thought through the process and are ready to begin a […]

The Emperor

Step into your power today as Emperor Energy arrives. There are decisions to be made and you are just the person to do it. Feel the Hawk energy, which allows you to see details and the complete picture from a higher perspective. Be wary of tapping into the dictator energy that can sometimes appear with […]

Three of Wands

Larks come together, each arriving at their own unique moment in flight. None is wrong or better than the other, they must maintain what is required to keep themselves aloft. Threes are a time to pause and re-evaluate how you will proceed, so take a moment and see where you are in your flight. There […]

The Sun

The Sun shines upon all that you do. Even if it is not visible to your eye it is there and the warmth of it brings life. The Peacock brings a sense of confidence to strut your stuff. Great power is available to you that comes with the caution to not look at it directly. […]

Goddess of Cups

The God and Goddess cards are unique to this deck ‘The Secret Language of Birds’ by Adele Nozedar & Linda Sutton. She is not the Queen of Cups but transmutes that energy into something more/different. On first glance, this feels more like a Queen of Wands energy, fiery and hot, challenging and fearless as symbolized […]