Ace of Mirrors

Today asks you to go with the flow. To allow your heart to lead you forward. As the world fills your being, you reflect it back. You bring the ability to keep the spark going in a magical way. © Writers Qi LLC 2019 If you like these daily readings and would like to support […]

The Illusionist

Energy today is fleeting, slipping through your fingers like air. You feel there is great potential, or at least you want others to believe. It seems as if you can create anything out of nothing. The real trick is to bring that energy to earth and make it real. Focus on what you seek; producing […]


This is probably the scariest card in this deck. It is a card of change, unexpected change. You think you have done well, built your tower strong and tall. Forces outside your control strike quickly and show you clearly the weaknesses in your fortress. Scary is not bad or evil. It is a wake up […]

The Poet

Mind your words today. You have a lot to say, or at least you have a lot going on in that beautiful mind of yours. Take time to get those thoughts out and on paper, even if you destroy what you have written the goal is to get it out of your head so you […]

The Pilgrim

Time to journey forth, seeking that which only you can know. This card echoes The Hermit card, a beginning of something deeper and more profound through personal effort. Each Pilgrim makes their own journey, unique to them, gathering their personal blend of spiritual and inner knowledge. You light your own lantern that will guide you […]

Three of Mirrors

Today brings an understanding of harmony within the differences we see. It is the paradoxes that we live in and are every day. Allow the differences to be seen, for that is where the beauty lies. Today join in with others by accepting their unique traits while knowing on some level they are reflecting back […]

Seven of Wands

Today is a good day to reevaluate where you are going and what you are trying to achieve. Are things in balance; is there reciprocity? Tap into your instincts today and see what needs to be defended and what needs to change. You must make space for growth to happen. © 2019 If you like these […]

Eight of Swords

Swords are mental energy, thinking, communication and logic. Today you feel stuck, pinned down by your thoughts. There is a lot happening under the surface with you today. Tension is created by interacting with outside forces when you would just rather be alone with your thoughts. The message is to go with the flow. You […]

Queen of Wands

Time to fan the spark you created yesterday with the Ace of Wands. Today, with the power of the Queen of Wands, that spark flares into majestic flames. You are fearless and believe your passion will carry you forward. The birch trees in the background, have significant meaning in folklore symbolize new beginning and is […]