Ace of Fire

Ace of Fire intuitive interpretation by Divine Qi for February 28, 2020, What is your path? The Ace of Fire says you have a flame of passion within that can illuminate your next step. As the Hermit you nurtured that spark into a burning desire of interest. You emerge from your solitude ready and willing […]

Ace of Earth

Start now, today. Begin that thing that you’ve been thinking about but afraid to move forward with. Ace of Earth says it is time to manifest in the physical whatever you’ve been dreaming of. Your power and confidence will emerge for all to see as you claim your personal hilltop. Intuitive interpretation of Ace of […]

The Star

Beautiful flowing energy for today. Following the Judgement energy from yesterday, The Star asks that you dream big. Sit in the stillness of the dark going deep within to see that spark that illuminates life. Know that there is enough for everyone and energy is constant moving in and out of your consciousness. Book a […]

Ace of Swords

Today you may feel the beginnings of a new idea. The glimmer of a thought right along the edges of your consciousness, begging to be released to flow freely. You feel immobilized by Divine truth. The Divine Sword is not holding you in place but breaking you wide open. It’s time to emerge from your […]


Today realize that you are being watched over by angels and guardians. As you move through your day, know that you have time. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Everything in moderation will allow the magic to happen. Book a personal reading  © 2020 Intuitive interpretation of Patience by Divine Qi for February 17, […]


Powerful energy today to be guided by truth and balance the scales. Today know that wrongs will be righted as Divine Justice holds the power. Some would call this the Karma card, meaning that past energy will come back around and flow over you. Were you honest and forthright in the past or a bit […]

Page of Water

Beautiful card asking you to open your heart and experience life with the love and joy of a child. Pages are the teenagers of the tarot bringing the feeling of endless possibilities to the day. Immerse yourself in the healing flow of the universe as you ride through the energy of this day. Book a […]

The Star

Gosh, this is such a lovely card, one of my favorites in any deck. The Star is a message of hope. Hope after struggle, after difficulties, or just in the longing of something different. The energy today asks that you dream big and literally reach for the stars; Spirit has your back and will add […]