Knight of Wands

Today the Knight of Wands comes charging in bringing excitement and movement to your day. A card of action, there isn’t much thought going into which path to take. What excites you, makes you energized and generally feel good, that is the path the Knight of Wands urges you to take. Allow this high riding […]

Six of Fire

Step into the spotlight today. Being at a six you fought hard for the victories you have won. Those around you may give the impression of jealousy because success seems to come easy to you. Know that we all navigate by our own internal compass. Every light is important in the dark even if some […]

The Empress

Today is ripe with possibilities. Allow the powerful energy of the full moon in Leo to combine with the earth energy of the Empress to bring you insight into how to receive now. You are reminded today that receiving is just as much as a blessing as giving. Drop your defenses and be open to […]

King of Air

The energy shifts today to one of thought and logic instead of heart and flow. You mastered your emotions long ago and now is the time to step into the full power of all that you have worked toward. In this moment, today, allow yourself to take a closer look. With the piecing gaze of […]

Fortune's Wheel

Destiny and synchronicity. It is not lost on me that for the last week I have been deep into studying synchronicity, so of course, today’s card would reflect this energy. We as humans ask and ask God/Spirit/The Universe for answers to our questions, but we want the answer we want and tend to ask again […]

Messenger of Water

Today speaks to love, how you love yourself and others. The Messenger of Water says that all things begin with Divine Love. As you go forth to explore your world lead with your heart. Progress will be made when you go with the flow and release control.  Book a personal reading  © 2020 The Messenger of […]

Five of Fire

Today the message is around internal conflict. Have you been battling within seeking your one true path? The Five is here to suggest that maybe you are pushing too hard for a ‘right’ answer. It might be that this time has been an exercise in getting ready for the big show. Build those muscles and […]

Six of Wands

Feel the energy of victory when the Six of Wands appears. You have gone questing for the answers and arrived back to a victory parade.  Be aware of those that have helped you in your quest lest you think you did it all on your own. Shout it from the highest point what was accomplished […]

Page of Air

Today the Page of Air graces the energy. There is communication happening but not all is revealed. The energy in this particular deck speaks of allowing yourself to hear your higher guidance. Pages are the teenagers of the tarot and bring with them the belief that anything is possible. Approach today with new eyes and […]