Four of Mirrors

Interpretation for June 30, 2020 by  Today you are lost in the watery world of your own imagining. You keep seeking satisfaction by looking around and outside yourself. Nothing is really wrong with what is reflected back to you but somehow it just doesn’t fulfill you. The suggestion is to quit fussing over what is […]

Six of Stones

Interpretation for June 29, 2020 by  Deep roots allow for strong branches is the message today. You are not alone. Look for the sign that someone else has gone before you, be it a gem hanging from a tree or a book or song that touches your soul. Tap into source energy that is available […]

Ten of Mirrors

Interpretation for June 28, 2020 by  Beautiful energy today of family, home, and joy. There is a sense of contentment and fulfillment in today’s energy. Step into the sun and reflect the beauty of those around you just as they mirror it back to you. Deck is Chrysalis Tarot by Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra […]

The Moon

The Pilgrim – Page of Scrolls Interpretation for June 27, 2020 by  Today’s energy continues the theme of internal journeys. The moon, a symbol of intuition and inner guidance appears to remind you that you have the answers you seek. Take some alone time and embrace the quiet to find the key to unlock the […]

The Sojourner -King of Mirrors

Interpretation for June 25, 2020 by  Today’s energy suggests that now would be a good time to stay for a while. Give yourself a moment to refresh and replenish your supplies and your energy. Emotionally you feel you have traversed a great distance. Although you are a restless soul, today take a moment to just […]

Seven of Spirals

Interpretation for June 24, 2020 by  You’ve made your choice from yesterday’s Five of Spirals. You begin to emerge from your slumber. Take it slow. Assess the situation. Be prepared to defend your stance. Trust your instinct, intuition, and meld it with what you observe in the physical world. You’re excited to see how things […]

Five of Spirals

Interpretation for June 23, 2020 by  Today gives a different perspective of the tipping point you are currently experiencing. You are reminded that you have skills and talents that can aid you in lighting the dark. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Each challenge prepares you for your next. Light and shadow […]

Five of Mirrors

Interpretation for June 22, 2020 by  Today you are emerging from past disappointments or regrets. Fives are the tipping point. You know enough now to choose to continue the way you have been going or to change direction. Beauty can grow from darkness. Allow yourself to become who you are meant to be. Deck is […]

Nine of Pentacles

Interpretation for June 21, 2020 by  Today brings a feeling of well-being. You are on your true path. You are not alone in this journey for God/Source/Spirit is with you ready to guide you toward the next step. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Deck is Tarot Wonderland by Barbara Moore, Art by […]