Three of Cups

Interpretation by for June 20, 2020 Yay! Celebration energy is here! Enjoy some time with friends and family that share your energy. Relax and enjoy the moment, even better if it happens outside in the sunshine. Share you joy with those you encounter today for you never know who will become part of your tribe. Deck […]

Three of Wands

Interpretation by for June 19, 2020 There is a sense of waiting today. You’ve taken action but will you receive the results you were going for? The Three of Wands suggest that there is more to waiting than just standing there. Prepare for what you expect to arrive in your harbor. Deck is Tarot Wonderland […]

Six of Cups

Interpretation by for June 18, 2020 Today is a time to look back. Maybe someone from your past is making contact with you. Maybe you are reminicing about the good old days. Whatever it is remember that when you back through the lens of time memories are not always as they seem. Don’t be afraid to […]


Interpretation by for June 17, 2020 Temperance calls for you to choose wisely today. Everything is not always as it seems. Remember that the proper quantities of many things can create something greater than each individual. Take time to consider all options. Deck is Tarot Wonderland by Barbara Moore, Art by Eugene Smith Book a personal […]

The Empress

Interpretation by for June 16, 2020 Today is a time of creation. You have moved out of the stuck energy from yesterday, but are unsure of your ability to create all that you want. The Empress is here to remind you that you are capable of all that you desire. I love this depiction because […]

Eight of Swords

Interpretation by Divine Qi for June 15, 2020 Helpless. Do you feel as if you are helpless to change your situation? The ‘what ifs’ keep you stuck, afraid to move in any direction. The eight of swords suggest that you are not bound as tightly as you think to the path you are on. Allow the […]

Knight of Cups

Interpretation by Divine Qi for June 14, 2020 There is movement in the energy today. A soft gentle flow. Feel it tugging you forward with your heartstrings. Your knight in shiny armor on a white steed may not look the way you expect, but, but assured it is what your heart has been seeking. Follow your […]

The Lovers

Interpretation of Seven of Cups by Divine Qi for June 13, 2020 Choices. Today offers you a chance to choose your path. Take a closer look and you will see which suits you. The Lovers asks that you choose with your heart. You can make lists as all day long but the answer is not in […]

Seven of Cups

Interpretation of Seven of Cups by Divine Qi for June 12, 2020 Today’s energy feels like infinite possibilities. As you look around you are inspired and energized by the opportunities that appear before you. Here’s the thing though, if you try to do everything, nothing will get done. The suggestion for today is to take […]