The Chariot

Interpretation for July 31, 2020 by Today is a time of action. When Chariot appears, it urges you forward with a wild speed that can seem out of control at times Here’s the thing; you are in control. You are the charioteer that focuses your energy and intention to bring the horses of fate together […]


Interpretation for July 30, 2020 by Alchemy. The ability to combine different things and achieve something that surpasses any of the components. Temperance is a reminder that allowing the mixture to occur is when the magic happens. You don’t always start with equal amounts, but in the mixing and combining of them, they transform into […]

The Fool

Interpretation for July 29, 2020 by Today brings in a new beginning. You need nothing but your passion for life and your carefree attitude to move forward. Allow the playfulness to show. Take that leap of faith knowing that a greater energy is there to catch you. Deck: The White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch […]

7 of Wands

Interpretation for July 28, 2020 by Today you are on the defense. Those around you don’t seem to understand your passion. As you forge forward with an idea, project or endeavor be prepared to stand alone. You have a knowing that sparks you and drives you forward. You see things from a different level. Now […]

The Tower

Interpretation for July 27, 2020 by Sudden and drastic change is coming your way when the Tower shows up. It is not all doom and gloom but a reminder that maybe the foundation was not very solid. This energy gives you a chance to create a solid foundation to build a better tower that will […]

The Hermit

Interpretation for July 26, 2020 by Today is a reminder that you have time. Often in the physical world, we feel the need to rush through today to get to tomorrow, only to rush through tomorrow to get to the next day. Take time for yourself each day and reflect on your inner musings. Daydreaming […]

Knight of Cups

Interpretation for July 25, 2020 by Today brings an industrious energy. You are ready to seek out those that make your heart happy. Even as you accomplish goals, remember that play is an important part of life. Things will move along at a steady pace, quick enough to hold your interest but not so fast, […]

3 of Swords

Interpretation for July 24, 2020 by A bit of a tough time today. Be aware of the power of your thoughts and words. It may be that you have been the target of harsh words, or maybe you are the one speaking them. The pain goes deeper than just the words spoken today. Find your […]

The Hanged Man

Interpretation for July 23, 2020 by Pause. Wait. Gather yourself. Go within. Change perspective. Your transformation is close. Now is a time to give yourself time and space to let go of who you were and begin the process of becoming who you will be. It is okay to shield yourself from prying eyes as […]