5 of Cups

Interpretation for July 22, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com There is a sadness in today’s energy. Not everything has gone a planned. It seems you feel weighed down by the plight of others which is is stifling your own ability to respond from your power center. All is not lost. Take baby steps toward replenishing your passion instead […]

4 of Wands

Interpretation for July 21, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Stable energy comes in today. You have been pursuing a passion and today you see the anchors that make it a solid commitment. Now is a time to pause, look back in celebration. There is time to rejoice even as you continue preparations for the upcoming events. Deck: The […]

2 of Wands

Interpretation for July 20, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Today is about choice and balance. Wands push you forward with passion and excitement. You see the opportunities before you and must decide which path to take. You feel strongly about both options. The message here is to follow you heart seeking balance in your life as you move […]

10 of Cups

Interpretation for July 19, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Today there is a feeling of infinite possibilities. The energy is abundant and flowing in your life. You have reached a point where you feel content and at peace with yourself and others. Allow the fullness of life to spill over and fill the cups of others. One small […]


Interpretation for July 18, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Today is a call to be gentle but firm while taking control of a situation. Strength is not always seen from the outside but is shown through the actions you take. You don’t have to do it all alone but you must take the lead if you expect […]

Two of Swords

Interpretation for July 17, 2020 by www.DivineQi.com Swords appear today as you struggle to decide your core truth. The energy feels unsettled and you prefer not to see the coming storm. Your world feels turned upside down. Be willing to see clearly. You know which way is up. Will you be bold enough to hold […]

Eight of Chalices

Interpretation for July 16, 2020 by www.DivineQi.com Today you find yourself deciding to walk away from what isn’t working. You have put your heart and soul into trying different things but nothings seems to have provided the fulfillment you seek. There is a reminder though that it wasn’t a waste of time or energy for […]

Ace of Chalices

Interpretation for July 15, 2020 by www.DivineQi.com Finally today’s energy shifts in a positive way. See into your heart and allow the transformed you to emerge, renewed and refreshed ready for a new start. You might find yourself engaging in a new partnership in love or business. A community is built upon true caring and […]

King of Swords

Interpretation for July 14, 2020 by www.DivineQi.com Today the energy calls for cutting out the BS and speaking your truth. You can harness your thoughts manifesting them into the physical world. Logic will steady you as you dive deep into your streams of intuition. Deck: The Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan Book a personal reading […]

Five of Pentacles

Interpretation for July 13, 2020 by www.DivineQi.com  Today’s energy highlights the scarcity mentality. Are you holding back from moving forward because you don’t feel you are enough or have enough to offer? Fives are the ‘tipping point’. You’ve been making some progress working toward something be it a project, idea or romantic relationship. It feels a […]