10 of Water

Interpretation for August 21, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Joy. Today’s energy asks that you find the joy in all you do. As you send your joyful energy out it will return to you as abundance, luck and contentment. Be aware of a forced sense of joy. The message is to take the situation and see it from […]

Page of Air

Interpretation for August 20, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Trust in your full power. That is not a burden strapped to your back. You have energetic wings! The thing is they use different muscles than what you’re used to. Take a moment to understand your full power. Receive the message and rejoice in your newfound abilities. Spread your […]

Messenger of Earth

Interpretation for August 19, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Today’s energy tames the wildness within you a bit. Even as you connect and tune into ethereal messages you stay grounded in reality. There is the exuberance of youth combined with the wisdom of knowing beyond your years. Proceed with determination and dedication knowing you are tapped into a […]

Wu-wang- Wild Pure Heart

Interpretation for August 18, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Be light, act as if you have a dragon under you. Imagine the freedom if you knew you would be safe. What could you accomplish if were supported by a power a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times greater than yourself? This is the energy of God/Source/Spirit/The Universe. You […]

Grandmother Magicks

Interpretation for August 17, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Embrace all that is natural about your body. Grandmother Magicks is your mentor in knowing that there is a natural order to things. Allow her in and listen to her wisdom. This is not just for women but for men as well. Age brings with it the knowledge of […]

Gaia’s Dragon

Interpretation for August 16, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Today is about partnerships, in business, family, or love. Successful partnerships allow each to be themselves fully, male/female, strong/soft are all needed for a complete whole. Work together, allowing your unique gifts to shine forth and allowing your partner to do the same. There is also a sense of […]

Lady of the New Buds

Interpretation for August 15, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Nurture tenderness is the energy for today. Be kind to yourself as you transform into what you are meant to be. Release the tight hold on who you are now, who you think you are and imagine who you could be. Allow the natural change to occur. Tap into […]

The Morrighan

Interpretation for August 14, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Take Action Are you feeling fear? Fear of change? The Morrighan is here to guide you through the change of transformation. She is a Dragonfae goddess that has known change, and calls it transformation. Now is the time to take action Do not wait. Embrace the change move forward […]

The Listener

Interpretation for August 13, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Shhhh …. do you hear the sound of your soul reaching out to you? The Listener reminds us that stillness and quiet are important. We and all living beings need a space in which to just be. Step away from the hustle and chatter, the demands of everyday life, […]


Interpretation for August 12, 2020 by http://www.DivineQi.com Dreaming your wisdom is the message for today. Now is the time to allow yourself to receive angelic guiding messages as you sleep. Most call them dreams. Start a dream journal and write the message without judging. Take note of dream signs while awake, feathers found, the perfect stone […]