Join us on Monday June 17, 2pm in a gathering at Divine Qi’s new space at 321 Pine Street Studio 219.

Bring the Light and raise the vibration offering peace for the greater good of Williamsport and the surrounding areas. This is a free/donation event and all are welcome who are willing to shine in their own unique way.

We will have a brief meditation and please bring what helps you to shine your light be it drumming, chanting, crystals, singing bowls, Reiki, or any other energy modality that can be shared in a group setting.

Bonus ! All who attend this gathering will receive a Reiki cleared quartz crystal to charge with your own unique light during this event, boosted by all who have gathered. We only request that you then take your charged crystal and bury when you get home to allow the light energy to continually connect, charge and send through mother earth.