Patience intuitive interpretation by Divine Qi for March 19, 2020

Today as we experience the Equinox (Spring for the Northern Hemisphere, Fall for the Southern Hemisphere) we receive a message of Patience. Equinox is a time of equal light and dark. It feels true in many ways recently. Appropriate that is is #14 = 5 and 5’s are the tipping points. It is the moment that change happens. We go forward the way that we always have or we pivot and shift our direction.

Patience asks that we moderate our activities and tempers to maintain an even energy. There may be more of some things and less of others; however, you have to ability to combine them in the most powerful ways. Allow your own personal magic to come through at this time and know that the Angels/Guides are here for you. Grace in all things.

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I don’t choose the cards, I use the ones that ‘jump’ while shuffling for these daily messages, then I tap into God/Source/Spirit and relay the message. There are different messages in the book that comes with the decks if you are interested in those.

Tarot Deck : The Good Tarot, Colette Baron-Reid, Art by Jena DellaGrottaglia