Nostalgia, memories, good, bad, or as real as flying elephants. The energy of the Six of Cups can be a trickster energy. Did you really have sweets in the garden with a friend, and not have to contend with pesky insects?

The lens of memory changes the reality of what occurred. This energy can work against you if you tend to forget the not so pleasant parts of your past, and repeat the same thing over and over again. Once you see the flying elephant in the sky, for what it truly is, then the energy of the six of cups allows you to change the path going forward.

Today, enjoy a quiet moment in the nostalgia of your memories, then strive forward toward the choices in the Seven of Cups with a clear vision of the flying elephant and how he changes your next step.

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Six of Cups from Tarot in Wonderland by Barbara Moore, art by Eugene Smith is your psychic tarot guidance for Oct 24, 2018