Debuting a new Deck for the Halloween Season, Ghost Tarot by Davide Corsi is captivating and hauntingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much I do. Do you feel the call of the moon energy? The shadows playfully call out for you to come and join in the romp. Will you leave the structure and safety of your tower to see what has washed up upon the beaches? The Moon’s power is there, new or full, seen or unseen, it’s capable of moving oceans, and people. It might be time to realize emotions are a natural part of living and to allow them to be seen if only by the light of the moon. © Writers Qi LLC 2018 If you like these daily readings and would like to support Divine Qi or book a personal reading check out my Facebook shop or call/text 570-258-5455 The Moon from The Ghost Tarot, artwork by Davide Corsi is your psychic tarot guidance for Sept 29, 2018