What are you afraid of in your quest of your dream? I love that this deck takes the Three of Wands one more step from the traditional. Yes, you are standing on a cliff, gazing out to sea, watching your ships roll in. But, the energy is tangled and fearful, not the elation and relief you expected. How big will you let your imagined shipwreck get? Today tap into the elation of seeing a safe return of the ships you sent out. Believe and trust that all will be well and your abundance will land safely on the shore at your feet. © Writers Qi LLC 2018 If you like these daily readings and would like to support Divine Qi or book a personal reading check out my Facebook shop or call/text 570-258-5455 The Three of Wands from The Ghost Tarot, artwork by Davide Corsi is your psychic tarot guidance for Sept 30, 2018