Waiting. Waiting. How will you wait? You have sent your ships out with intention sometime in the past, and now they are headed back to you. Dark clouds may loom and there is potential of mishap before the ships reach the you. Will they make it safely to shore? Will their cargo be as you expected? .

Wands are a suit of action, so where is the action in waiting? You could be like the White Rabbit focused on an expectation of when it will happen, or, you can lift your eyes, and actively wait by send your energy toward that which you wish to bring safely to you.

Set your intentions, release them to sail away on the energetic currents you create, trusting that the energy you send out will safely come back to you multiplied.

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Three of Wands from Tarot in Wonderland by Barbara Moore, art by Eugene Smith is your psychic tarot guidance for Oct 25, 2018