The wheel turns, time moves on, and things change, what will you do with your time on the Wheel?

The Wheel gives the impression that life is a game in constant motion with beginnings and ends occurring continuously. Wherever you are in this cycle know that it won’t be for long as the wheel moves again.

There is a strong message today to focus on what is motivating your journey. Are you chasing the elusive rabbit down a hole, again? Here’s the thing, you get to choose how fast or slow you move along the wheel. If you stop, the wheel will continue to move you to new circumstances, but your view of the actual wheel does not change, eventually it will carry you back to a place you recognize.

So today, will you pause and let the wheel carry you to something different, or will you choose how far and fast you will carry yourself to that new circumstance?

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Wheel of Fortune from Tarot in Wonderland by Barbara Moore, art by Eugene Smith is your psychic tarot guidance for Oct 26, 2018